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Newly Elected Fiscal Officers. 6 hours of initial education courses before commencing their term in office or within the first year in office; An additional 18 hours of continuing education courses before the end of their first term in office (If the township fiscal officer is appointed to fill a vacancy, the total hours for training will be based on the amount of time left in the unexpired term.)

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URL: training.ohioauditor.gov

Trainings & Conferences

(6 days ago) Webon-demand On-Demand Training: A prerecorded session that can be accessed any time. in-person In-Person Training: Any session in which individuals participate face-to-face. …

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Ohio Department of Education

(4 days ago) WebIn 2019, HB 166 of the 133rd General Assembly called for a performance audit of the Ohio Department Education. This legislation, the state’s operating budget for FY 2020-2021 …

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Fiscal Integrity Act (FIA)

(2 days ago) WebNewly elected, hired, or appointed fiscal officers must complete: 6 hours of initial education courses before commencing their term in office or within the first year in office.; 18 hours …

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AOS Training Sign In

(6 days ago) WebLog In Use a local account to log in.. User Name. Password

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Ohio Performance Team

(Just Now) WebReleased in August 2022, this audit explores Ohio’s dual enrollment program, College Credit Plus. The program is jointly administered by the Ohio Department of Education and the …

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County Auditor Continuing Education Hours

(9 days ago) WebThe County Auditor should maintain support for continuing education hours. The County Auditor’s Association does maintain a list of training hours by county. The hours are …

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OPERS Education Department

(4 days ago) Web6 Mary retires at age 60 with 30 years of service 2.2% x FAS x 30 Years of Service = 66% of FAS 16 Defined Benefit Formula If a member is retiring with less than 30 years of …

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Uniform School Accounting System

(Just Now) WebEducation standards in order to gain as much identification as possible. Normally, not all levels of detail would be required, but in some instances, such as vocational education …

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Uniform Accounting Network

(1 days ago) WebAbout the Uniform Accounting Network. The Uniform Accounting Network (UAN) is a user-friendly financial software package created by the Auditor of State’s …

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Fiscal Integrity Act Continuing Education Hours Request Form

(4 days ago) WebEvent planners/hosts should complete this form in order to request FIA continuing education hours. Read the following carefully. In order to process your request and …

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COVID Funding for Higher Education

(7 days ago) WebFrom: Auditor of State’s Center for Audit Excellence To: All IPA Firms Subject: COVID Funding for Higher Education Date: October 7, 2020 Institutions of higher …

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Ohio Department of Higher Education

(3 days ago) Webdocuments created with the goal of advancing higher education in Ohio. These plans provided goals and a roadmap for the future of public higher education in Ohio. The …

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Ohio Civil Service Application

(6 days ago) Webeducation name: (last, first, middle) date of birth - year not required address: (street, city, state, zip code) home phone: alternate phone: e-mail address: driver's license: (optional) …

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