Evolution of Educational Technology

The internet was well on its way to becoming mainstream, and with it, online EdTech tools like Wikis, E-Learning platforms, and standards. Learning Objects from various fields had been introduced and were incorporated into standard education practices with varying success. 2004 saw the advent of popular LMS like SCORM and Sum Total Systems, allowing teachers and students to manage their

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What is Educational Technology or EdTech

(3 days ago) WebIn general, EdTech is “the use of tech and tech processes to facilitate learning and improve performance”. This could mean Virtual or Augmented Reality …

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evolvEd Evolving Education Future Innovation Educational …

(8 days ago) WebevolvEd transforms learning institutions in Africa through technology. Our services include Migrating schools online, Training teachers and students in EdTech tools & Digital …

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Community evolvEd

(7 days ago) WebJoin Rep. Our Educator Community is the perfect place to share knowledge and learn from fellow evolving educators. Our professional development plan, newsletters, events, and …

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Services evolvEd

(6 days ago) WebThe goal is to integrate technology that will help transform the teaching, learning and administration of the school. An Overview of our online migration services include; …

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The Future of Work and Education

(5 days ago) WebThe 2020 World Economic Forums report on the Future of Jobs predicts that by 2025, the amount of time spent on current tasks at work by humans and machines will …

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Quick Assess evolvEd

(Just Now) WebAssess a School, an Educator or a Student. Know if they meet the Standards for transformative teaching and learning by answering simple questions.

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About Us evolvEd

(6 days ago) WebAt evolvEd, our goals are aimed to encourage transformative teaching and learning with technology. Community Development: To build a community of educators skilled for next …

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Analytical Thinking Skills in Today's Classroom

(Just Now) WebThe information and the education that reaches their ears should be broken down into a simpler and easily understandable format. It needs to become more …

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Classroom culture

(2 days ago) WebA typical classroom consists of students with different backgrounds, races, religions, and cultural identities. These differences can

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How to Create Awareness of Global Issues in the Classroom

(Just Now) WebThe first step to instilling global awareness is acknowledging them in the class. Acknowledging children gives them a sense of belonging and sparks their interest in …

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Plans & Pricing evolvEd

(1 days ago) WebTraining Teachers. Online Database. Account Creation

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Educational Technology and COVID-19

(8 days ago) WebAnalyzing the impact of educational technology in Africa and Nigeria during the Covid-19 pandemic. The world-wide response to the COVID pandemic wasn’t the …

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Complex Problem-Solving Skills and Modern Classrooms

(5 days ago) WebEmbrace the possibilities of mistakes and practice thorough patience with the students. Break down information into simpler and direct ways so the students are …

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Skills & FoW

(5 days ago) WebActive learning is a skill that a child possesses from the very beginning, and as a teacher, you only need to build on it.

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5 EdTech Tools to Boost Teacher-Parent Communication

(5 days ago) WebParental involvement is pivotal in the academic development of students. And one way to get the parents involved is by creating reliable communication channels. …

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Five things to lookout for while choosing a school for your child

(8 days ago) WebFaculty: While selecting a school for your child it becomes very important to consider the faculty that your child will come in touch with. It tops the list because be it …

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READS A Practical EdTech Blog Nigeria

(3 days ago) WebThe Future of Work and Education . Apr 4, 2021; 3 min; Educational Technology and COVID-19. Mar 21, 2021; 3 min; Evolution of Educational Technology. Mar 14, 2021; 2 …

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(8 days ago) WebThanks for reaching out to us. Someone from our team will contact you within 24 hours.

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