The Dutch Education System Explained

WebCompulsory education runs in principle from 5 to 16 years plus one or two years until the attainment of a diploma. Primary school. Children at ages of 4 to 12 attend Dutch primary …

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Education in the Netherlands FAQ's

(8 days ago) WebThe Dutch Educational System Explained. In the Netherlands education is compulsory by law for the ages from 5 to 18 years [] 1 min read.

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All-inclusive guide to studying in the Netherlands

(3 days ago) WebFor international students studying in the Netherlands university fees may range from 6000 to 15,000 euros for a bachelor’s degree depending on the study program as well as …

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An Expat’s guide to primary schools in the Netherlands

(7 days ago) WebCategories: Education 3 min read Moving to a new country may prove difficult under most circumstances but additional stress comes when being accompanied by children. …

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Orientation Year Highly Educated Persons

(7 days ago) WebThe orientation year permit allows recent graduates from non-EU countries and scientific researchers to stay in or come to the Netherlands for a period of up to twelve months. …

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Consultation for students

(8 days ago) WebAll About Expats can offer you a one-on-one consultation session for a fair and affordable price. This consultation session will give you the opportunity to learn more about the …

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Highly Skilled Migrants in the Netherlands

(2 days ago) WebEU Blue Card: € 5,670, excluding the holiday allowance. Highly skilled migrant permit, excluding the holiday allowance: 30 years old or older – € 4,840. Younger than 30 years …

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About the 30% Facility

(8 days ago) WebThe income standard for the 30% facility is €38,347 yearly taxable wage. This is per month €38,347 / 12 = € 3,195 including 8% holiday allowance. The basic salary without 8.33% …

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Working hours in the Netherlands

(9 days ago) WebFull-time. Most full-time jobs in the Netherlands are 36 to 40 hours a week, or 4 to 5 days a week 7 to 8 hours a day. Depending on your company, a full work week can be either 38 …

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Family Immigration to the Netherlands

(7 days ago) WebStep 2. The Dutch authorities check the document and place another stamp or sticker on it. This is usually done by the Dutch embassy, consulate-general or honorary consul in the …

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Duration of the 30% facility

(4 days ago) WebAs of January 1, 2019, the maximum term of the 30% ruling is five years, rather than eight years. The Government has chosen to incorporate a two-year transition period for …

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A guide to taxes in the Netherlands

(Just Now) WebThe tax rate in the Netherlands is divided according to the three income boxes: Box number one: this box focuses on taxable income coming from profits, employment, and owning a …

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Orientation year for students

(2 days ago) WebNon-EU students who have just graduated and have not yet found a job as a highly skilled migrant can use an orientation year permit. During the year in which this is valid, they are …

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Orientation year

(3 days ago) WebThe orientation year permit allows recent graduates from non-EU countries and scientific researchers to stay in or come to the Netherlands for a period of up to twelve months. …

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A guide for accommodation rental in the Netherlands

(5 days ago) WebThe Netherlands has predominantly two types of rentals available to the public: The social housing which serves about 75% of the market. Private housing which accounts for only …

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Application recognized sponsorship

(1 days ago) WebIf you want to employ a non-EU professional as a highly skilled migrants, you will need a recognized sponsorship granted by the IND (Immigration and Naturalization Service). All About Expats as your knowledge partner can help with this process and can send in the application on behalf of your company.Without a recognized sponsorship it is

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Dutch Healthcare Allowance (zorgtoeslag)

(3 days ago) WebThe health insurance in the Netherlands is often considered to be on the expensive side, amounting to an average of 1500 euros per year per person in 2021. For this reason, if …

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Your complete guide to getting a DigiD

(6 days ago) WebIf you are new to the Netherlands perhaps it is a smart choice to start looking into applying for a DigiID, the process may feel taunting at first but once you read this simple guide to …

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